Welcome to WeddingTag.com

We’ve soft-launched WeddingTag.com 2 weeks ago. The site is now open for everyone to create beautiful boards which contain your lovely wedding photos. Still not clear on the idea? This is how it works.

You pick an exclusive wedding hashtag for your event. Let’s say your names are Joe and Justine. Examples of wedding hashtags (we call them weddingtags) would be #JoeAndJustine2015 or #JoeAndJustineWedding. You can also get a little bit more unique and creative, for example #DoubleJWedding or #JustineSaysYes. Once you’ve picked your weddingtag, you are ready to sign up for a board.

Watch your photos everywhere.
View your board everywhere.

The board contains all the photos of Twitter and Instagram that are tagged with your weddingtag. This happens completely automatically. All you have to do is share the hashtag or tag your own pictures. With the board, you have one destination to see your social media love story.

Share the tag  and the board link with your guests to make the most out of your WeddingTag.com experience. You can do this on the invites or with signs at the wedding. A fun idea is to cast your WeddingTag.com board on a TV-screen at the wedding.