Wedding hashtag messages

There are numerous options to inform your wedding guests about your personal hashtag. Once you’ve set up your board, it’s time to let your friends and family know what wedding hastag you use.

Wedding hashtag on your invites
Wedding hashtag on your invites

You can use the wedding hashtag in the design of your invite. This enables guests to posts messages and photos before your wedding. See how your guests prepare for your wedding.

A welcome board
A welcome board

Place a board at your wedding venue’s entrance. Use Etsy or Fiverr to have a custom design made.

Print yor weddingtag on menu's or flyers
Print your weddingtag on menu’s or flyers

You can use the tag in the design, or on the back, of any menus or other handouts on your event.

Table reminders
Table reminders

Place messages on your reception or dinner to remind guests that you would love to see their photos of the day.

Wedding planners and photographers

We offer special bulk deals for companies active in the wedding market. We would love to work together with wedding planners, photographers and venue organizers. Extend your package offering by including a board.

Add boards to your offer packages.
Add our boards to your offer packages.

There are numerous options to show the board, including on screens during the wedding. Moderating rights can be shared, so both you and your clients can delete unwanted photos or messages. You are free to set your own prices. We can optionally whitelabel the site (hide the logo and show yours instead).

Think you can resell at least 5 boards per year? Please feel free to contact us to discuss our wholesale prices and possibilities.